The Idaho Wildlife Museum, which is owned by the Idaho Character Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, features: the Bronze Wildlife Collection–one of the largest collections of bronze wildlife sculptures in the world; the Idaho Gem Collection; and the Frederic Remington Collection–the world’s only complete collection of Remington’s original-size reproductions.  The art collection includes life-size bronze sculptures, paintings, sandblasted glass wilderness art, original paintings by local artists, limited edition prints, and enlarged aluminum photography of Idaho’s vast magnificent ranges and wilderness. The IWM features 49 character qualities essential in business and life success, for the purpose of inspiring visitors to finish strong with integrity. The museum is a private collection viewed by appointment only. Group tours are available on a limited basis, and we look forward to receiving your application. Typical group tour costs are a suggested $10 per person donation to the Foundation.



Bronze Wildlife Collection

With over 200 bronze wildlife sculpted by many local, national and international artists, this is truly a stunning indoor and outdoor exhibit. Sculptors include Lorenzo Ghiglieri, Laran Ghiglieri, Terry Lee, Jules Moigniez, Nicolai Liberich, Antoine Louis Barye, Burl Jones, Chris Navarro, Sam Terakadis, David Turner, Mike Curtis, Clark Bronson, Edward Hlavka, Roy Peratrovich, and others.

Idaho Gem Collection

Idaho is known as “The Gem State,” yet how many of the over 72 gems that are found in Idaho have you seen?  The Garden of Eden was described by the prophet Ezekiel as having 10 specific gems/minerals in Ezekiel 28:13, and 9 of these 10 have been found in Idaho.  Come see these 9 precious gems/minerals and others, as well as the State Gem–the Idaho Star Garnet–which is the world’s largest six-ray Idaho Star Garnet.

Frederic Remington Collection

Remington was known as the first sculptor to introduce action into western bronze art. From 1895 to 1908 he created a total of 22 sculptures primarily capturing the excitement of the wild West.  Come see the world’s only complete reproduction collection of all 22 of Remington’s original size bronze sculptures in one location, including the 12 foot high Cowboy pictured above.


Local artists are featured with their original oil paintings and limited edition wildlife and wilderness art, including Steven Shortridge, Peggy Thompson, Chester Fields, etc.

Glass Door Nature Scenes

The Museum showcases dozens of Idaho’s wildlife and wilderness scenery in sandblasted glass scenes framed within the knotty alder doors and grand twelve foot high glass entry. The artist, Samuel Pinkerton created each piece in his full production glass studio. His ideas are his own designs and he combines a variety of techniques into his work which is only available in private collections.

Photography Collection

The Museum showcases Idaho’s unique and spectacular wilderness scenery in dozens of enlarged aluminum high gloss photographs with descriptive location plaques. Most of the photographs were captured by the photographer, David Pinkerton. While David has traveled extensively to Alaska, New Zealand and Europe, this collection focuses on the natural beauty throughout Idaho.